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eSolutive Products & Solutions


Network Services: The Engines That Drive Your Business


eSolutive Networking Solution

VPN Services

Support voice, video and business apps on one MPLS VPN network. Help secure your communications with a flexible virtual private network (VPN) provider.

Ethernet Services

Connect customers, workers and offices with this cost-effective, high-speed network solution which can be deployed in a variety of setups, including Metro, Wide Area and Global.

Wi-Fi Solutions

eSolutive has the nation’s largest Wi-Fi network. We can help create the Wi-Fi hotspot solution that fits your needs and budget.

Internet Connectivity

Receive high-speed access to connect with customers and suppliers, and access real-time applications over the Internet.

DWDM and SONET Ring Services

The duplex architecture of our Ring Services helps to keep your data access virtually uninterrupted.

Network Sourcing

eSolutive network experts can help plan, deploy and manage your IT solutions – while keeping employees and multiple locations in sync.

Network Integration

eSolutive IT solutions include data center transformation, network transformations and optimization, global network security, telecommunications management, emerging technology and more.

Your network is much more than a physical structure. Today, you rely on your network to keep you connected - whether consulting with colleagues, video conferencing with suppliers or analyzing business intelligence.


Streamline costs, Simplify connections

See if our VPN value bundle works for your business.

Request a complimentary on-site network assessment with an eSOLUTIVE network specialist today.

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Emerging technologies and mobile applications are changing business processes and the way we communicate. Machines can now tell headquarters when they need refilling. Doctors can have immediate access to a patient's medical history even when away from home. Your network can become a living, breathing intelligent system that helps you rethink how you run your businesses.

eSOLUTIVE applies our people, expertise and technology to bring our intelligent global network together with mobile access and devices, software and applications to create a world of new possibilities for companies. Our network services can help build a reliable foundation on which emerging applications can be built.

Build Your Ideal Network Solution

Rapidly changing technology and a tough economy make it difficult to effectively manage and maintain your network. You need to be mobile, nimble and work better, while increasing efficiency. The broad range of network services offered by eSOLUTIVE can build a reliable, scalable network that supports your communications needs.


Network Integration Solutions

Read the Network Services brochure

Let eSolutive's team of dedicated, global networking experts deliver technology leadership targeted at your business challenges.

Read the Network Services brochure

Our network solutions support industry-leading business thinking and technology solutions. They work with your current infrastructure, and allow for easy migration of applications. Our IP VPN services offer converged networking solutions, which help enable new application services, such as cloud and voice transformation.
You can mix and match services to build the most effective wired or wireless network for your company. The eSOLUTIVE network services portfolio includes:

  • End-to-end IP VPN service availability
  • Metro, wide-area and global Ethernet services
  • Fast, efficient Internet connectivity for real-time access to applications
  • Reliable, cost-effective ring service solutions tailored to your infrastructure
  • Private line services

Work On The Go With Network Services

In today's 24x7 business world, you're as likely to be working on the road as in the office. But when you're out of the office, you need the same access to your data, application and voice services that you have at your desk. eSOLUTIVE can help you design a network solution that provides access to information you need to be productive almost anywhere - locally, nationally or internationally - with a laptop, smartphone or other network-ready device.


"With our new network solution we have been able to service end users in ways that we haven't been able to in the past."

Michael Gooldrup, CIO, O'Neal Steel


Help Save Time And Money With IT Solutions

Consolidating voice, data and other communications tools on a single network not only allows your applications to work together, it makes it easier for the IT staff to manage them. This simplified management cuts operating costs by reducing the time needed to oversee the network. It also frees your technology team to focus on high-priority projects that add value to your business



Network Security: Help Protect Your Network

eSolutive Network Security

Viruses, worms, botnets and malware. Attacks on your network can happen anytime and come from anywhere, without warning. Any one of them could compromise company data or cripple important business operations. Risks increase further with advanced persistent threats: long-term, stealthy attacks on specific people in your company with the goal of stealing your intellectual property.

eSolutive provides the first line of defense against attacks for a more proactive, comprehensive approach to network security, security compliance and business continuity. We help guard all elements of your infrastructure:

eSolutive Secure Network Gateway Service

Conveniently packaged and simplified purchasing, contracting and billing of eSolutive DDoS Defense Service, eSolutive Network-Based Firewall Service, eSolutive Secure E-Mail Gateway Service and eSolutive Web Security Service into one multi-layered security service for comprehensive protection.

E-mail Security

Screen inbound e-mail for malicious attacks, filter outbound e-mail for privacy breaches, and provide e-mail encryption and archiving for compliance – all with the simplicity of a cloud service.

Web Security

Scan inbound and outbound traffic and block access to specific websites to help safeguard your network against spyware, viruses and other threats that can enter your company via the Internet.

Firewall Security

Help keep unwanted traffic out of your network and vital data in. Help defend your network against unauthorized connections, so you can take full advantage of online business opportunities with less risk.

eSolutive Mobile Security

Integrate device-level security features with network-based security controls and encrypted transport for a comprehensive, holistic approach to enterprise mobile security.

Security Incident & Event Management

Gather and analyze information from multiple devices and device types across your enterprise to correlate alerts and prioritize security events based on threat and risk management methodologies.

Threat Management

Deliver the expertise, tools and management needed to help mitigate risks. You receive 24x7 data collection, monitoring and threat analysis conducted by a seasoned team of security experts in our eSolutive Security Operations Center (SOC).

Security Consulting

Follow a holistic, customized approach to address almost any security challenge. Our skilled and certified security consultants can help you develop solutions that not only protect your data, but enable you to operate as an agile, trusted and innovative enterprise.

Protect Your Network To Protect Your Enterprise

Viruses, worms, Trojans, hackers. Attacks on your network can happen anytime and come from anywhere, without warning. Any one of them could compromise vital company data or cripple important business systems or applications. But guarding against threats and monitoring network security can be time consuming - time that might be better spent on other business-critical projects.

Take A Proactive Approach To Network Security And Compliance

What is network security? Network security services from eSOLUTIVE provide the first line of defense for your network from external and internal attacks. Our portfolio of services help you take a proactive, comprehensive approach to network security, security compliance and business continuity by:

  • Assessing vulnerabilities
  • Keeping your data and infrastructure highly secure
  • Detecting attacks and responding to suspicious activities
  • Enforcing corporate security policies
  • Supporting security compliance with federal and industry regulatio

Help Guard Your Infrastructure With Managed Security Services

Any attack can bring down your network, create security compliance issues, damage your bottom line - and possibly, your reputation. To avoid a harmful breach, you must guard every part of your infrastructure, from desktop computers to servers.

The eSOLUTIVE portfolio of network security services covers all aspects of your network with offerings that:



What Is Network Security?

IT security technology can help proactively defend your network from external and internal attacks.

View our Managed Security Services brochure

Establish And Enforce Security Policies

Developing and managing a proactive network-security plan requires time, staff and expertise - resources that may be in short supply. Security consulting services from eSOLUTIVE can help you establish policies, processes and procedures for governing, managing and sustaining your information infrastructure. As a result, you can meet security compliance requirements and confidently open new information exchanges to expand business, increase productivity and decrease time to market.

Monitor And Manage Network Status With IT Security


eSOLUTIVE Managed Security Services

Help detect, deter and mitigate the damage of cyber attacks with network security solutions.

Read how eSOLUTIVE Managed Security Service can help your business

Once policies and plans are in place, eSOLUTIVE tools let you monitor your network status with detailed reports and real-time alerts. The eSOLUTIVE Security Operations Center can help manage your security services for you, providing 24x7 monitoring and response to threats.

Get Back To Business Quickly With Network Security

If your network is attacked, you need to get up and running again as soon as possible. Network security services from eSOLUTIVE can help you recover from events and protect your critical data and applications quickly, letting you get on with business. Our security and business continuity solutions can also strengthen your defenses to help block and repel future assaults on your infrastructure.



Cloud Services: The Difference Is In Our Network

eSolutive Cloud Solution

The scale and security of the eSOLUTIVE network will help provide the performance and bandwidth your business needs. Our broad portfolio of cloud services can help you drive competitive advantages, dynamically scale your network, decrease expenditures and increase productivity.

Better manage seasonal spikes or unexpected surges of business activity with:

Cloud Computing

Get highly-secure, pay-as-you-go cloud computing; buy IT services without investing in equipment.

Cloud Storage

Help reduce upfront capital expenses and store data on-demand with the enterprise security, performance and reliability of the eSOLUTIVE network.

Network Enablement

Help protect data and reduce threats by extending eSOLUTIVE VPN protection to your cloud resources.

Platform as a Service

Speed application development and deployment with an easy-to-use cloud application platform.

SaaS Enablement

Move your SaaS offering to market faster by hosting and managing the infrastructure that support your SaaS offering in highly secure enterprise class data centers.

eSOLUTIVE Virtual Desktop Service

Enable productivity across devices in a secure environment with a desktop solution hosted within the eSOLUTIVE cloud in a state-of-the art Internet Data Center.

Network-Enabled Cloud: The Next Phase of Cloud Evolution.

Enterprise networking expands the value of cloud infrastructures. Learn how to scale your applications in the cloud.



See how the network is part of your cloud services evolution.

Read the cloud services white paper.

What Are Cloud Services?

With cloud solutions, IT services are procured on an as needed basis, rather than procuring capital expense assets. Instead of investing in equipment, you buy access to cloud computing, cloud storage, platforms and other resources on demand over the network, likely reducing:

  • - Capital investments
  • - IT spend
  • - Lengthy turnaround times
  • - Service-contract terms


Cloud Solutions Align IT Expenses With Growth

Cloud services relieve the stress of paying for assets while betting on business growth to offset costs. They take the guesswork out of capacity planning to avoid expensive over provisioning and risky under provisioning. Capital equipment assets come off the balance sheet, and become a monthly expense. With pay-as-you-use eSOLUTIVE cloud services, IT expenses align with your business needs.

eSOLUTIVE Cloud Services Offer a Total Solution for Apps, Services and Support.

See how cloud solutions can simplify your business.


eSOLUTIVE Cloud Services Offer a Total Solution for Apps, Services and Support.

See how cloud solutions can simplify your business.

Simplify application hosting with cloud services.

Watch the cloud services video.

Scale Dynamically With Enterprise Cloud

Procurement and deployment take time and tie up internal staff. With eSOLUTIVE cloud services, you can take advantage of the self-service provisioning feature available via the eSOLUTIVE cloud services portal, which allows you to:

  • - Provision once and dynamically scale up or down
  • - Launch new services, applications and projects rapidly
  • - Expand access, capacity and performance on demand
  • - Monitor consumption via a web-based portal.


Be Prepared For Unplanned Events With Cloud

Cloud services can be an important part of your business continuity strategy. Hardware and software resources become one big virtual pool that you can use. Should a piece of hardware or software become unavailable, users would continue to be able to reach your applications by being redirected to other available equipment in the pool.


The eSOLUTIVE Cloud is Different.

See why the eSOLUTIVE cloud is the best choice for your business.

See what makes AT&T cloud services different.

View the cloud services infographic.

Why eSOLUTIVE for enterprise cloud?

Cloud services are network based, and thus depend upon the performance, reliability and security of the underlying network, including the hosted environment and any related access. With up to 99.99 percent availability and the enterprise-class security of eSOLUTIVE Internet Data Centers, we can provide the performance and capabilities needed for some of the most demanding cloud-based solutions. Add another layer of security for data in transit by using an eSOLUTIVE VPN with your cloud solution.



Application Services & Solution

Expertise Across Mission-Critical Applications

eSolutive Application Solution

With ESOLUTIVE Managed Application Services, you have a trusted provider to help support your application at every phase of the application lifecycle. ESOLUTIVE can host and manage your mission critical applications within our global-Internet Data Centers and provide full operational support.

ESOLUTIVE Managed Application Services enable enterprise customers to maximize efficiency and utilize the value of software investments with proven methodologies for application management and application performance monitoring.

Comprehensive, integrated solutions

We've managed the world's leading applications for more than 15 years. ESOLUTIVE applies our application management expertise in these areas:

Application Consulting

Let our Application Consulting experts help you add new functionality, improve business processes or target specific areas of concern across the application lifecycle.

Enterprise Applications

Help realize the full potential of your enterprise applications including Ariba, Oracle®, PeopleSoft®, SAP®or custom applications managed by ESOLUTIVE.

eCommerce Applications

Benefit from the speed, support and enterprise-grade security from one of the trusted leaders in eCommerce hosting and management so you can deliver an optimal online shopping experience. Let ESOLUTIVE manage your ESOLUTIVE Commerce to Go, IBM® WebSphere® Commerce, Oracle® Commerce, Hybris Commerce Suite and Middleware Applications.

Microsoft Communication Applications

Work and collaborate with greater flexibility.


Proven methodologies for Application Management and Performance Monitoring

ESOLUTIVE Application Services can help free your staff to focus on supporting business growth, while we take care of your applications. With more than 15 years of experience delivering application services to hundreds of customers, you can rely on ESOLUTIVE to apply best-practices approaches and proven methodologies for application support as we:

·         Continuously monitor application performance

·         Apply patches and fixes to keep applications current

·         Update applications for new capabilities

·         Document changes

·         Provide 24x7 support



Dependable Application Services Performance

Even a few seconds of delay is too much for impatient employees and customers. ESOLUTIVE monitors and maintains applications and interfaces to help keep application performance and service levels high. If you choose ESOLUTIVE as your hosting services provider, you can also benefit from our reliable and scalable global infrastructure and network.

"Always on" Application Management Support

A designated applications support team takes the actions needed to keep users productive and business flowing. Support includes:

·         A single point of contact for faster resolutions

·         Easy access via online or toll-free number

·         Diagnostics and troubleshooting

·         Help desk support for power users and end users


As applications become more capable, they become more complicated - demanding more time, resources and expertise to manage them. Use ESOLUTIVE Consulting Services to:

·         Solve specific problems efficiently / accelerate deployment / help improve performance

·         Help meet your budget, requirements, and timeframes

·         Put the right skills at the right locations

·         Scale consulting resources to adapt to change

We help our customers improve business processes, expand capabilities, and increase application value.

ESOLUTIVE Offers a Robust Portofolio of Managed Applications Services

ESOLUTIVE hosts and manages enterprise applications providing an integrated, end-to-end solution, including a holistic customer experience and backed by comprehensive SLAs. We support the world's leading enterprise and ecommerce applications including:

·         Hybris Commerce Suite

·         IBM® WebSphere® applications including Commerce, Portal and Application Server

·         Microsoft® Exchange, SharePoint® and LyncServer®

·         Oracle® applications including PeopleSoft, and Oracle Commerce

·         SAP® applications including Ariba®




Technology Infrastructure Solution

Secure Infrastructure Services


eSolutive Infrastructure Solution

When networks grow organically, or by merger and acquisition, they often end up performing sub-optimally. The same is true for security devices, for example, firewalls with thousands of rules. There may also be various programs and requirements that drive architectural changes such as the push towards de-perimeterization and network segmentation. Our skilled and certified security consultants have unmatched experience in the areas of network consolidation and the analysis of data and packet flow. eSolutive Consulting knows how to segment networks and then tune the security devices for optimal performance, minimal impact and excellent security. We have experience with data leakage and data loss prevention tools, as well as security event management devices and other state-of-the-art products. Our consultants can collaborate with you to develop a cohesive security architecture, which can be deployed and integrated in an adaptive and iterative lifecycle manner.

Secure Network Architecture

eSolutive Consulting provides planning, design, and implementation of data/voice integrated secure network infrastructures. Our involvement typically starts with an architecture assessment that examines the overall network architecture to ensure that it meets and incorporates industry standards and best practices for information security controls. The key elements that comprise a secure network architecture service are:

  • - Planning, Design and Implementation

  • - Configuration Reviews

Firewall Assessment Services

Administrators spend countless hours analyzing rule bases and determining the requirements for each rule. eSolutive Consulting Firewall Assessment Service will reduce the existing firewall management costs and make it more effective over the long term while increasing security, visibility, and control. The key elements of this service include:

  • - Implementation and Administration

  • - Migration and Consolidation: Tuning (security, performance and compliance)

Security Event Management

The enterprise networks of today have a multitude of combinations of network devices, operating systems, databases and appliances that need monitoring and management. There is a tremendous volume of data generated from these devices that are required to be consolidated and streamlined, in order to identify security threats and to be able to efficiently respond to them. The key activities included as part of this service are:

  • - Log consolidation, alerting and reporting

  • - Intrusion Detection / Prevention / NAC placement and tuning

Data Discovery and Data Loss Prevention

A Data Discovery Assessment is designed to discover the presence of sensitive data being stored on authorized / unauthorized systems or in an unauthorized manner (i.e., unencrypted storage) in enterprise systems. The sensitive data commonly searched for includes credit card information, social security numbers and intellectual property. eSolutive Consulting uses automated tools to search for key pieces of sensitive or personal data in workstations, server file systems, databases and in e-mail. eSolutive Consulting employs a powerful data scanning process to search for this sensitive information. This scanning may be comprehensive across the entire enterprise or focused on particular systems / environments.

Incident Response and Forensics

eSolutiveConsulting can provide Incident Response as an expedited service, followed immediately with a forensic examination, or can be brought in after an internal response effort to conduct the forensic investigation. During the response, we may work with Legal, IT, Information Security, Compliance, Business Unit and Risk Managers to provide value to all affected parts of your business. The Incident Response and Forensics operations assessment service provides a critical review of your current internal processes and procedures for handling events, incidents and evidence. The results of the review are presented in a gap analysis format referencing industry best practices. eSolutive Consulting provides a variety of other services that address the security risks and challenges that organizations face following an incident:

  • - Incident Response

  • - Incident Response and Forensics Program development

  • - Forensics and Electronic Discovery

  • - PCI Qualified Incident Response Assessors (QIRA) PCI Forensic Investigator

Product Briefs

Advanced Infrastructure

Network Strategy and Roadmap

Organizations today rely heavily on their IT infrastructure for day-to-day communications and business transactions. Having a solid strategy for optimizing that infrastructure, refreshing old technology, and integrating next generation solutions is crucial for cost control and maintaining a competitive advantage. Yet many enterprises lack the resources or expertise to develop such a strategy. The eSolutive Consulting Strategy and Roadmap services enable organizations to establish a go-forward plan with the confidence that the solution approach is the best fit for the business. Our work scope is custom-tailored to the needs of your organization, mapping specific technology solutions to business objectives. Key activities and outputs include: capture of business and technology requirements, analysis of alternative technology solutions and recommendations on optimized solutions, as well as tactical and strategic tasks required to meet the desired future state. Technology areas of focus include DC virtualization/high availability solutions, WAN and MAN solutions (MPLS VPN, Ethernet, VPLS, DWD, SONET), LAN solutions (LAN Routing/Switching), Optimization solutions (QoS, load balancing, WAN Acceleration) and IPv6.

MPLS Architecture and Engineering

MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) networks are becoming the de-facto standard for interconnecting remote sites and data centers across the globe. Many customers are transitioning to IP-based MPLS services from traditional frame, ATM and private line technologies. MPLS represents a unique interconnection technology that relies on IP routing techniques, not circuit connectivity between sites, , to enable connectivity and application service delivery. This capability coupled with QoS capabilities in the cloud allows customers to effectively flatten and consolidate their networks, and to deliver voice and video services more reliably and cost effectively than ever before. Because MPLS relies on IP rather than circuit connectivity, it is access agnostic, meaning that an Ethernet access circuit at a branch location will allow users to connect to their Data Center applications served over SONET/Frame/ATM access. This puts a premium on the design of the WAN environment to leverage IP routing protocols to control traffic flows and ensure survivability and load sharing. With the constant flux in the enterprise application portfolio and increasing demands on the network, IT can be challenged by the dynamic set of requirements driving their WAN architecture. In addition to changes in the WAN design, developing a real-world MPLS migration plan requires significant experience in large scale transition planning. eSoutive Consulting has significant expertise in the design of the future target state architecture that leverages IP routing, QoS and multicast as well as experience in planning the transition from legacy circuit-based WANs to IP-based WANs.

LAN/WAN Architecture and Engineering

The architecture, design/engineering and integration of a robust LAN and WAN environments is the cornerstone for effective application service delivery in today’s enterprise environments. The proliferation of bandwidth hungry applications, peer to peer applications and the constant requirement for availability and survivability in these areas of the network have put a tremendous strain on IT. These factors coupled with multiple vendors offering emerging voice and video technology makes it difficult, if not impossible to keep the LAN and WAN environments refreshed, up to date, and ahead of the demands of the business. eSolutive Consulting can work with customers to develop an optimized, cost effective solution architecture and provide a structured approach to seamlessly integrate the solution. eSolutive Consulting follows a standard, proven approach to design and integration that includes the following activities: identification of touch points within the current environment, creation of configuration standards, development of test plans (network and end user), development of integration and migration plans and process for turning over to the operational environment. As-built documentation and knowledge transfer are key deliverables. Design and integration areas of focus include DC virtualization/high availability solutions, WAN and MAN solutions (MPLS VPN, Ethernet, VPLS, DWD, SONET), LAN solutions (LAN Routing/Switching), Optimization solutions (QoS, load balancing, WAN Acceleration) and IPv6.

Network Assessment

Networks can grow or change exponentially due to mergers and acquisitions, services expansion, geographic expansion, new technology introduction or divestitures. Many times these modifications are made to meet the business demand and do not provide adequate time to fully develop a life cycle strategy for optimized solution deployment. Over time this can lead to non-standard, multi-vendor environments that are poorly designed, difficult to manage and maintain, and result in unnecessary costs. Worse, this complex state can lead to suboptimal delivery of application services. eSolutive Consulting provides network assessment services to analyze the network against best practices. Typical outputs include recommendations for enhancing scalability, manageability, availability and performance. eSolutive Consultants bring to bear expertise and lessons learned from hundreds of assessments delivered to customers worldwide each year. This offering spans all internetworking aspects of the infrastructure DC virtualization/high availability solutions, WAN and MAN solutions (MPLS VPN, Ethernet, VPLS, DWD, SONET), LAN solutions (LAN Routing/Switching), Optimization solutions (QoS, load balancing, WAN Acceleration) and IPv6.

Network Application Assurance

Application services are the lifeblood of the enterprise. Whether they are enterprise applications such as SAP, Citrix, HTTP and FTP, or voice and video applications such as VoIP, Telepresence, OCS and video conferencing, the ability for the network to support the performance and availability of these applications is vital to business operations. eSolutive Consulting Application Assurance services help customers assess and analyze the overall design of the network and readiness associated with bandwidth/capacity planning, IP routing, multicast and QoS necessary to deliver applications in a robust, survivable and scalable manner. eSolutive Consulting can profile the network and the applications traversing the network in order to ascertain the demands associated with application service delivery.

IPv6 Life Cycle Services

The IPv4 public address space exhaustion requires adoption of IPv6 as the next generation protocol for delivering IP services across the global internet. The transition to IPv6 was intended to be a gradual process taking 3-4 years to execute in a transparent fashion. However, due to the unpredictability of IPv4 address exhaustion and the lack of support for IPv6 by vendors and carriers, the move to adopt IPv6 has been pushed out on the planning horizon for most organizations. This fact and the lack of expertise around IPv6 has elevated the risks associated with not adopting IPv6 sooner.

IPv4 will continue to be utilized within Enterprise networks; however any services, applications or connectivity over the public internet will need to consider integration of IPv6 and IPv6 transition technologies. This includes basic Internet, web hosting, remote access, mobile workers, and cloud computing leverage internet transport to provide services.

eSolutive Consulting provides a full suite of IPv6 Consulting services to assist customers with readiness and transition to IPv6. These services address the full life cycle enabling our customers to engage us in a flexible manner.

IPv6 Readiness Assessment

The first and most urgent need for IPV6 transition is for an organization to perform a readiness assessment. Such an assessment helps identify the aspects of the environment that will be impacted by IPv6 and defines the costs and impacts of IPv6 adoption as it relates to overall asset and service provider readiness/compliance for supporting IPv6. Equipment vendors that provide infrastructure elements such as routers and switches and PC based operating systems are in different phases of IPv6 readiness and aligning product refresh cycles with IPv6 readiness is critical. eSolutive Consulting services provide an inventory of elements and use cases that will be impacted by IPv6 moving forward.

IPv6 Strategy and Architecture

IPv4 and IPv6 are totally independent protocols and as such, the architecture of an environment supporting IPv6 will consist initially of islands of IPv4, IPv6 and dual stack IPv4/IPv6 components. There are emerging technologies required for interconnecting these islands such as Taredo, ISATAP, GRE tunnels, 6to4 tunnels and IPv6/IPv4 translation. In addition the addressing schemas, integration with DNS/DHCP, and architecture for dual homing with internet carriers must be addressed. eSolutive Consulting services provide customers with an architectural framework for integration of IPv6 in phases within the current IPv4 environment and a strategy for deploying IPv6 within the enterprise.

IPv6 Design and Engineering

eSolutive Consulting provides design and engineering expertise to address the detailed configuration and integration aspects of an IPv6 architecture. This service focuses on the development of the equipment configurations, test plans and integration plans required to integrate the elements into an IPv6 environment. Target IP infrastructure elements include IP addressing, routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, IDS/IPS, WAN accelerators and VPN concentrators. Consultants provide detailed configuration and integration parameters for each element impacted by IPv6 integration.

IPv6 Testing and Piloting

eSolutive Consulting can assist customers with the definition and deployment of lab environments for proof of concept testing as well as pilot deployments to validate integration and educate IT staff. These environments are developed to test IPv6 functionality and integration into the legacy IPv4 environment. eSolutive Consulting can develop bills of materials, lab and pilot design and assist customers in the validation and execution of the testing and production environments

IPv6 Transition Planning

eSolutive Consulting can develop an overall governance plan and integration schedule that can be utilized to ensure seamless transition to IPv6. Integration planning includes development of the overall transition schedule, resources and tasks encompassing inputs from the teams defined under the program governance model.

IPv6 Transition and Governance

eSolutive Consulting can assist in transition with either project-based work scope, or trusted advisory augmentation of existing IT teams in technical or governance capacities. Staff augmentation consists of subject matter experts delivering defined tasks around IPv6 project management, design and engineering and integration activities. The governance model incorporates the development of project based teams that own and manage the transition to IPv6. The governance plan will incorporate engineering, operations, communications, procurement, field engineering and internal project management teams under one umbrella responsible for transition to IPv6.


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