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Web Security

Highly reliable protection with customer controls


eSolutive Web Security: Proactive threat defense with centralized management

As enterprises open their networks to web commerce applications, administrators face the challenge of keeping them protected. Web Security from eSolutive provides online filtering and control that can help you:
  • Block malware and specific URLs
  • Control web content and applications
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Support remote users
Enhance your organization's security and reduce your total cost of ownership with:

Web Security Services from eSolutive

Take advantage of a network-based service that provides IPSec access and utilizes specialized hardware architecture within the eSolutive network.

Cloud Web Security from eSolutive

Get a hybrid solution that provides proxy utilization and flexible configuration options.
Web Security from eSolutive can help protect your organization's global web operations, and may also reduce IT costs. By combining Web Security with additional enterprise solutions from eSolutive, you can take advantage of even more savings and capabilities.

Web Security & VPN

Help enable your organization to connect with confidence. Web Security from eSolutive enhances both IPSec and MLPS VPNs to provide crucial protection for office locations as well as remote users outside the VPN. Together, these services:
  • Are designed to help secure users’ sessions on the Internet to protect the corporate network from malware attacks.
  • Are designed to help prevents resource abuse by users by allowing customers to block non-productive and bandwidth hogging websites.

Web Security & Managed Internet Services

Connect—and protect—your enterprise. By combining eSolutive Managed Internet Services with Web Security, you can enjoy flexible, high-speed online access and an essential layer of security. Web security is designed to help protect your corporate network from attacks by providing added security to users’ Internet sessions and allowing the capability to block harmful websites.

Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership

Use the Web freely—without having to spend time and resources on maintaining your own Web security platform. Web Security from eSolutive can help lower your total cost of ownership by reducing complexity and the amount of hardware at branch locations.

Centralize Policy Management

Create, enforce and monitor Web usage policies from one portal. Manage productivity with comprehensive activity reporting by user, department and organization.

Extend your Reach with Web Security from eSolutive

Grow your business with confidence by utilizing the global reach of eSolutive. Our worldwide network of enterprise data centers can help your business with its Web operation security needs.
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