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eSolutive Sistem Informasi - Corporate Profile

What is eSolutive


  What is eSolutive


PT. eSolutive Sistem Informasi is an independent local owned company and a leading Systems Integrator focusing on the solution that meet the customer business requirement through the design, development, deployment and maintenance of IT based services which include but not limited to IP based security systems, cloud networking and network infrastructure.


What eSolutive does


  What We Do


eSolutive’s portfolio offers a range of services, from strategic IT advice, to security information technology, to cloud consulting, and data center transformation services.


eSolutive Services


  Our Services


By leveraging our extensive industry experience and IT best-practices, eSolutive helps clients become more effective in their ability to respond to business and competitive needs


eSolutive Process


  Our Process


The project process, using Future Systems Project Manager and PMO (Project Management Officer) team, is a generic framework and structure of a standardized project process and methodologies, which has been developed and generalized based on best project management process, practices and Project Management Institute standards.


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